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There are four seasons in Japan, and the turn is called Setsubun. The day when spring came was called the first day of spring, and there was a custom of eating the buckwheat of purification for a long time on this day. The age had changed, too, when spring came in the old calendar. It is the remaining influences that eats the buckwheat on the New Year's Eve now.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bell at Buddhist temple

It is said the watch-night bell from the night of the New Year's Eve to the new year night in Japan, and rings the bell 108 times.

108 shows the number of man's evil passions. And, to purify it, the bell is rung.

Monday, December 29, 2008

sock and awe の高得点者

1位 Osama you know which one 35 →30秒間に35回命中させてる。あのオッサンだったらやりかねない。生きてればだが。


sock and awe


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 Japan figure skating championships ladies free result

Mao Asada is 3-game winning streak.
Fumie suguri became 2nd place, and Miki Ando secured 3rd place.

1,Mao Asada 182.45
2,Fumie Suguri 178.59
3,Miki Ando 174.09
4,Akiko suzuki
5,Yukari Nakano
6,Nana Takeda

Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Japan figure skating championships ladies SP result

It appears in the final group Miki Ando, Mao Asada, and Yukari Nakano.

Ando almost showed acting of the no mistake excluding rotation shortage 1. She got 65.02points.
Asada had the fall once. but she got 65.30points.
It came in 1st place because of acting that Nakano got 67 .26points at the end.

1.Yukari Nakano 67.26
2. Mao Asada   65.30
3. Miki Ando 65.02

Mysterious door

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The First Noel (牧人羊を)

The First Noel



Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yamamotoyama will debut in next place

The heaviest Japanese sumo wrestler seems to be going to execute a new act in the Grand Sumo New Year Tournament in history next year of January.

His name is Yamamotoyama.

He is a gigantic figure of 191 cm and 252 kg, and popularity is already the
post wrestler levels.

-He said, "I am a fat person who is able to do anything". "

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mao Asada 2008 Worlds FS

Mao Asada 2008 Worlds FS


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maiko Nishino er stjerne på operaen

Such an article has appeared when retrieving it by "Maiko".


Maiko Nishino er stjerne på operaen

Maiko Nishino is the star of the opera.

Maiko Nishino
• Født i Osaka i Japan i 1980.
• Studerte ballett med Sachiyo Hashimoto og sveitsiske Hans

• Utdannet ved The Royal Ballet Academy i London.
• Vært i Nasjonalballetten siden 1999. Utnevnt til solist
2005 og mottatt Kritikerprisen.

• Gift med Nicolai Ekeberg.
• Buddhist.
• Elsker å lage mat og reise.
• Favorittland: Italia
• Favorittkoreograf: Jiri Kylian.
• Trener opp til 40 timer i uka. Sliter ut rundt 100 par
sko i året.

Maiko Nishino
• Born in Osaka in Japan in 1980.
• studied ballet with Sachiyo Hashimoto and Swiss Hans

• Educated at The Royal Ballet Academy in London.
• Been in the National ballet since 1999. Appointed soloist
2005 and received Kritikerprisen.

• Married Nicolai Ekeberg.
• Buddhist.
• I love to cook and travel.
• Favorite Country: Italy
• Favorite Choreographer: Jiri Kylian.
• Exercise up to 40 hours a week. Struggling out around 100 couples
shoes a year.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't follow Maikos in the streets

「Donot follow Maikos in the streets(舞妓さんを追いかけないで下さい)」

Because maiko's popularity overheat in Kyoto, and the foreign traveler and the amateur cameraman surround maikoes, it is a situation in which residents must patrol it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

sock and awe

sock and awe

OBJECTIVE:Hit President Bush in the face with your shoes! Do it!

Moe rice

It sold in large quantities in a short term when the farmer in Akita sold rice with the bag of rice that girl's illustration was drawn.
The majority of the purchaser is a young man. It is guessed Akihabara people.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


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portrait 1

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Japanese fantasy painter :Tomoko Katayama(片山 知子)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2008GP final Ladies, Free Skating article of ISU

Senior Ladies, Free Skating
Mao Asada of Japan claimed the gold in the Ladies event ahead of Yu-Na Kim of Korea and Italy’s Carolina Kostner.

Asada hit a triple Axel-double toeloop followed by another triple Axel in her dramatic “Waltz Masquerade” program. The reigning World Champion also produced three more triples and strong spins and spirals, but she fell on a cheated triple flip. Asada picked up 123.17 points (64.57/59.60) and moved up from second to first with 188.55 points. “I didn’t feel any pressure coming into this event as the World Champion. I am happy that I could land two triple Axels in my programs and that I was able to win here in Korea. It is really special”, the 18-year-old told the press.

ISU article

portrait 2


Japanese novelist Seiichi Miyamoto(宮本誠一)
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Yumeya planet woks

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ISU GP final ladies free result

1 Mao ASADA JPN 123.17
2 Yu-Na KIM KOR 120.41
3 Joannie ROCHETTE CAN 115.88
4 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 112.13
5 Miki ANDO JPN 102.81 47.45
6 Yukari NAKANO JPN 99.85

Xmas goods by amazon

Winter morning

Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 ISU Grand Prix Final Senior Ladies - Short Program Result

1 Yu-Na KIM KOR 65.94
2 Mao ASADA JPN 65.38
3 Yukari NAKANO JPN 62.08
4 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 55.88
5 Miki ANDO JPN 55.44
6 Joannie ROCHETTE CAN 50.48

"Senior Ladies, Short Program
To the delight of the crowd in the sold out Goyang Ice Arena Yu-Na Kim of Korea won the Ladies Short Program ahead of Japan’s Mao Asada and Yukari Nakano. "

from ISUHP more

2008 ISU GP Senior Ladies Entries

Senior Ladies Entries


2 Carolina KOSTNER ITA





Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sea fire Shiranui(不知火)

Shiranui(不知火)is a kind of mirage that appears in Yatsushiro sea in Kyushu.

First of all, 1 or 2 fires appear from the coast in several-kilometer offing.

Next, it increases, and it queues up straight by its being divided right and left. As for it, hundreds of or several thousand fires line up finally on the straight line.

It is rarely seen recently.

The photograph is an image.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Emoticon of Japan

Smile(笑顔)(^^)、(^^)V、(^o^)、(^v^) 親しみをこめた挨拶や、喜びを表現したい時に使います。

Embarrassment face(困り顔)(^-^;、(-_-;)、(^^;)、(^_^;)


use..cold sweat..embarrass..use.

《_| ̄|○》 It is called exhausted pose personally that shows disappointed. 。。orz is often used.

ガッカリしている様子を表わす《_| ̄|○》個人的には力尽きたのポーズと呼んでいます。。。orzもよく使われます。

When it is surprised


(⊃д⊂)ゴシゴシ( ゚д゚)・・・(゜▽゜)

(^ ^;) (^д ^;) (^□ ^;)

щ(゚Д゚щ)……!! Σ( ̄□ ̄;


( ^o^)( ^-^) パクッ

(*>_<)oうまい!!( ̄  ̄) (_ _)うんうん

 フムフム。( ̄~ ̄) ┐(´~`;)┌

( ゚д゚)ぎゃぼ~!!!:Σ(-`Д´-;)ムキャー

( ´∀`) ( ̄▽ ̄;)

(・◇・)##( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリッ (@o@;)

(`ヘ´) プンプンヽ(`ヘ´)/


ε=ε=ε=ρ(・_・ )プチッ.....




 ( ̄皿 ̄ )b( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・?(つ∀` )...ヽ(´Д`ヽ)(/´Д`)/イヤァァァ~


(ヽ /)
( . .)
c (") (")


、(#゚Д゚)ゴルァ!! \(^O^)/

(-_-;)。。。(; ̄― ̄)


( ̄Д ̄;) (;'Д`)ハァハァ(つД`*) ( つ∀`)

m(_ _)m

Cry face
(T_T) (T∀T) (T▽T) (つ∀T)

(-ω-;) ウーン


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