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Japanese ballet dancer wins prize at Lausanne ballet competition

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Kyodo) -- A 17-year-old Japanese girl was among the eight winners of the prestigious Prix de Lausanne ballet competition in Switzerland on Saturday, the organizers said.
Madoka Sugai from Kanagawa Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, won the prize with the top score among the eight, and was also given the contemporary dance prize.
The Mainichi Daily News


Exclusive: Bigg Boss 5 guest Yamamotoyama to enter Ring Ka King! 
 Ring Ka King has been making a lot of noise. It is the first wrestling show on Indian television, made on such a huge scale. The show has many highlights like Harbhajan Singh, the goodwill ambassador and 20 wrestlers from all over the world. To add more zing into the show, the channel has roped in the Japanese wrestling sensation Yamamotoyama, who was earlier associated with the channel as a guest for Bigg Boss season 5.As per our sources, “The wrestler will come to India this weekend. He will be a part of the show and also play a wrestling match with one of the top wrestlers.

 Source: Tina Krishnan   |   Last Updated 14:01(27/01/12)