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A furisode ( 振袖, furisode)

Furisode means "long flowing sleeves" It is formal kimono style.
In Japan, women who face 20 years old at Coming-of-Age Day acquire it.

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Male from Gaza



~~~~~~~~~~~~ 以下転送 ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Subject: [AML 23144] ガザより(その23,24)ミサイルの雨の中から
From: "OKA Mari"



日時 : 2009年1月4日(日)18:15
件名 : フサイン・アル=アイディ、戦闘の只中に釘づけ!

彼は負傷者を救出するため救急車をよこすよう訴え続けているが、叶わない。負傷者を、そして可能ならば家族全員を救出するために、彼のもとに救急車を送ってくれという訴えはこれまでのところ、すべて失敗に終わっている!周囲1キロ半以上をイスラエル軍が完全にコントロールしており、イスラエル人以外、誰もアル=アイディ氏のもとにたどり着くことができない! この状況は、どこの国でもいい、人権団体が緊急に人道的行動をおこすことを必要としている!


日時 : 2009年1月4日(日)19:41
件名 : ミサイルの雨と真っ暗闇のガザ

ガザ北部の市民は自宅からガザ市西部に逃げ、ゼイトゥーン地区の者たちは西部に逃げている!市民にはなすすべがないというのに、彼らのことなどおかまいなしだ! 彼らを守るものは何もない。今日、救急医療士3人が死ぬ。ほかの命を救おうとしているさなかだった。

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2009 1:15 AM
Subject: Hussain al-Aiedy is stuck in the middle of the fight!

Hussain al-Aiedy is stuck in the middle of the fight!
Husain al-Aiedy is a Palestinian (58 years of age) lives to the east
of Gaza city. He has been living in the same place for more than 25
years. His house is located in the middle of green fields. He is an
UNRWA employess. He is now in one room with 20 others of his family,
and families of two of his brothers. They are packed in one small
room without electricity, water, food or telephone! just nothing
around him except a battlefiled. Last night at 10:30 p.m. Mr
Al-Aiedy was caught in the middle of the fight and a shell landed in
his house to injure five of his family! He has been appealing to
have an ambulance to evacuate the injured but in vain. All appeals
to send him an ambulance to evacuate the injured and if possible,
the rest of the family, have failed so far! At a circle of more than
one and half kilomteres the Israeli army is in total control, thus
no one can reach Mr Al-Aiedy except the Israelis! This situation
needs an urgent humanitar! ian action by human rights organizations
from anywhere! There is no electricity, water and a little food in
Gaza. I am still taking the advantage of a generator that I operate
by diesel to contact the world. Bombs fall like shower on us.
Unfortunately, Mr Al-Aiedy is in the heart of the battle!

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2009 2:41 AM
Subject: Rain of missles and utter darkness in Gaza

In Gaza, we are caught in a rain of missles and a barage of
artillery shells! Its totally dark right now but it is interrupted
by a buzzing sound of unmanned planes and heliocapters. Streets are
deserted! Between now and then, we hear sirenes of ambulances and
fire brigades! Civilians flee their homes in the north of Gaza
towards the west of the city, and they flee from Zaitoun
neighbourhood to the Western parts! Civilains are vulnerable and who
cares! They are unprotected at all. Today, three paramedics dies
while trying to save lives. The dy before yesterday one medical
doctor and a paramedic were killed too. Tonight, all mobile phone
net have been totally paralyzed now. Lan telephone lines are bad,
but it is working! Before dawn, clouds of black smoke were
everywhere in Gaza skies! Oooooops. right now, land shakes under us!

Prof. Abdelwahed
Department of English
Faculty of Arts & Humanities
Al-Azhar University of Gaza

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